Saving Money At Starbucks

In reviewing the Starbucks price list it is obvious that their menu won’t burn a hole in your wallet, but who doesn’t like saving money right? Whether you are an occasional visitor to Starbucks or a frequent customer you have many methods at your disposal to save money at the coffee shop. For your convenience I have compiled a list of the top ways to save money at Starbucks.

The first money saving method I would like to mention is coupons. Starbucks releases tons of coupons on a regular basis. These coupons vary in value and usually contain offers such as “buy one get one free”, 20% off, 50% off, etc. etc. There are a number of ways to find such coupons. My favorite method is by visiting popular coupon websites such as retailmenot. You can also find coupons from time to time through Starbucks main website. Consider registering your e-mail address on their site to stay in the know on current promotions and coupon offers.

A great way to save without coupons is simply by being a frugal with your order. Consider ordering a simple cup of coffee as opposed to a big fancy Frappucino. In reviewing the Starbucks price list, a Vente cup of hot coffee is $1.75 while a Vente Caramel Frappucino is almost triple that price at $4.25. Also consider that If you drink coffee daily before going to work, you could save a substantial amount of money by brewing your coffee at home.

Another great way to save at the coffee shop is by tracking promotional offers through the company on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Since the launch of social network sites many companies have been using them to promote their products or services. Starbucks is no exception. In following them on Facebook and Twitter you will gain access to their daily posts which will periodically contain promotional offers and coupons.

You can also save at the Starbucks by keeping an eye out for specials at the shop. Sometimes when they are releasing a new drink or food item they offer it at a discounted price for promotional purposes.

Keep in mind that employees of Starbucks are allowed to help themselves to free drinks. You  may already have a job so this option obviously is not for everyone. However if you unemployed consider checking them out. Free Starbucks drinks and a paycheck…what could  be better?

In using the above methods you can easily cut the aforementioned Starbucks price list in half or more.


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